Dimitra Koumantaki, with Cretan ancestry, borned in Athens.

She studied decoration at the Vacalo School and continued Painting and Print making at the Athens School of Fine Arts(A.S.F.A.)

As a scholar of the National Scholarship Institute, she undertook a postgraduate artistic creative research on print making. She worked as teacher of art in all the grades of education. (1st, 2nd,and 3rd)

She is member of the Chamber of Greek Fine Arts and the Association of the Greek Print Makers .

She was a guest at various international meetings (work shops) and seminars.

She has shown her work five times in one man show, and many times in group exhibitions in Greece as well as in Serbia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Japan, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, and several other countries.

She participated in the 4th Beijing Biennale (2010) .

She participated in1st, 2nd and 3rd Print Festival in Athens(2009,1012,2016)